P&F Sistemas de Manufactura SA

Year Founded:2006
Annual Revenue:$5-10 million
Listing Last Updated:3/23/2013

Contact Information
Name:Daniel Ferraro - Manager
Av. Belgrano 2272
Don TorcuatoBsAs 1611 Argentina

Industries Served
automotiveconsumer productsfood/beveragemedical/health caretires
warehousingautomotive feeders

Areas Served
South America

Engineering Specialties
automated assemblyautomated weldingcontrolled atmospherediscrete controlmaterial handling
motors/motion controlroboticssimulation/modelingrobotic paintingvisualization

Product Experience
ABBAllen-BradleyPhoenix ContactSchneider ElectricKawasaki Robotics

Corporate Affiliations
Allen-BradleyBosch-RexrothPhoenix ContactRockwell AutomationKawasaki Robotics

Corporate Resume
P&F SA. is a multi-disciplinary engineering team specialized in industrial automation which has achieved advanced experience in the design of control systems used in Automotive, Wharehouse Logistics, Consumer and End Of Line in Food and Beverage Industry. The company has successfully integrated systems based on major manufacturers such as Allen-Bradley, Toyopuc, Schneider, Siemens and Phoenix Contact. P&F is a Rockwell Authorized Application Solution Provider for Rockwell Automation. Over the last years, the company's association with Rockwell Automation has permitted them to participate in the development of certain products such as Motion Application, Drive Control System and Visualization. This association has enabled them to acquire a superior knowledge of the products, which puts them in the forefront on automation projects.