Morrow-Meadows Corporation

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Listing Last Updated:7/22/2015

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Name:Peter Matthews - Manager Instrumentation & Control
618 Reyes Dr
WalnutCA 91789 United States
Phone:(909) 594-4161
Fax:(909) 468-0593

Industries Served
biotechnologychemical/petrochemicalconsumer productsfood/beveragemanufacturing--general

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalcontrol panelsinstr/data acquisition

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The Morrow-Meadows Corporation Instrumentation and Controls Division designs and manufactures integrated control systems used in automated industries. Morrow-Meadows has served the needs of several industries including water/ wastewater, food and beverage, pharmaceutical/ bio­tech, consumer products, industrial manufacturing, and petro/ chemical. In addition to the successful implementation of Instrumentation and Control Systems, Morrow-Meadows' goals are to make certain that you are completely satisfied with the end product and to bring honesty and integrity to your I&C project.