SNC-Lavalin Engineers & Constructors

Year Founded:1911
Annual Revenue:Over $50 million
Listing Last Updated:7/24/2014

Contact Information
Name:Andrew Stoesser - Business Development Manager
265 N. Front St.
Suite 301
SarniaON N7T 7X1 Canada
Phone:519-336-0201 ext: 238

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Engineering Specialties
DCSHMIPLCssafety/security systemsSCADA

Corporate Resume
SNC-Lavalin offers full engineering, procurement, construction, and project management services to clients in the light industrial (consumer products, food processing, electronics, automotive, manufacturing) and secondary processing (steel, cement, glass, industrial gases) sectors, from process development and design through to plant commissioning and start-up. The company also offers full services in instrumentation and automation of industrial processes across all its sectors of activity. SNC-Lavalin has successfully completed numerous grassroots facilities, as well as plant expansion, modernization, and revamp projects where it focuses on process automation and controls, utility upgrades, production optimization, plant re-tooling, and energy efficiency improvements. SNC-Lavalin has considerable experience with various contracting approaches including EPCM services, EPC, lump-sum turnkey and design-build, and it maintains specialized expertise to address various industrial plant requirements, including material handling, dust control, machinery design, filling and packaging lines, clean room design, and validation.