NTS Networks Oy

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Listing Last Updated:5/20/2010

Contact Information
Name:Kari Rannila
Kytotie 92
Jarvenpaa 04400 Finland
Phone:358 9 25870011
Fax:358 9 2793346

Corporate Resume
NTS Networks Oy is an independent IT and automation consulting and systems integration company specialized in services for various types of industry. The company offers production tracking systems, product marking systems (hardware and software, product labels, inkjet markings, also RFID), data acquisition and reporting systems (OEE, etc.), auality control systems (SPC, etc.), process automation systems (controls, panels, and HMI), communications with MIS systems, communications with other systems (RS, DDE, OPC, TCP/IP, XML), information system software, and information and automation system hardware (PLC's, panels, networks, computers, firewalls, security, etc.)