PLEXUS - Integracao de Sistemas

Year Founded:2011
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:4/24/2020

Contact Information
Name:David Pires - Business Development Manager
Rua da Industria, 1
Santo Andre 7500-220 Portugal

Corporate Resume
Our main activity is to automate processes and increase safety and productivity. We do it through systems’ integration, which means using subsystems independent from each other and make them work as a one and only system with a determined function, by means of specific hardware and software. We are national leaders in liquid combustibles measuring systems and we have liquid transfer, blending and measuring solutions for trucks, ships, airports and pipelines. We operate maintenance contracts in these areas, granting 99% systems availability and keeping the facilities running for several years already. We master technologies such as automation, process control, power feeding, fibre optics, instrumentation and industrial networking. People are of utmost importance for us. Be it customers, suppliers, colleagues or any other. We also value ethic and zeal very much. Maybe we can’t always have the best solution or the best price. However, we can always do our best and be ethic and truthful in our relations. Knowledge is the value we chose for differentiation. We aim to learn and share our know-how. And it is within this spirit, together with our duty to be socially responsible that we often provide workshops in technical schools and training centres.

Industries Served

Areas Served
European UnionEastern AfricaNorthern Africa

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalelectrical engineeringinstr/data acquisitionsystems engineering

Product Experience
Inductive AutomationRockwell AutomationSchneider ElectricSiemens

Professional Affiliations