Advanced Industry Support, Inc.

Year Founded:1990
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:1/6/2015

Contact Information
Name:Danny Hodges - Vice President
6400 Shelby View Drive
Suite 1110
MemphisTN 38134 United States

Corporate Resume
Advanced Industry Support Inc. is dedicated to providing the latest in automation technology to the manufacturing sector in the Mid-South. AISI's mission is to help customers generate profits by providing solutions that increase productivity and quality. The company's creed is to be the technical experts on the products they represent and apply. Located in Memphis, Tennessee, Advanced Industry Support provides 24/7 service. AISI has a staff experienced in converting older PLC programs to the latest software platforms. Integrating the newest HMI software, Visual Basic, and C ++ programming are just few areas where AISI’s staff has the knowledge needed for demanding manufacturing applications. AISI has a core business focus in motion control. AISI has the expertise to deliver AC, DC, servo, and coordinated drive systems. They are experienced in web control, sync ratio, positioning, and cut-to-length applications. AISI has a complete vision lab for testing and developing vision applications. AISI has the resources needed to provide answers for applications in quality control and continuous inspection of parts. AISI is experienced in the latest communication networks available for the plant floor. From Ethernet to the many other networks now available for use in manufacturing, AISI can blend these networks to best utilize each one’s advantages. The company's UL-certified shop will build electrical cabinets, furnish drawing, and deliver all documentation needed for a project. AISI is committed to providing solutions to problems faced in today’s manufacturing environments, providing the services needed to keep a client's systems running, and delivering the quality products demanded by industry.

Industries Served
textiles/fibersautomotivechemical/petrochemicalconsumer products
food/beveragematerial handlingpulp/papertires

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
control panelsdiscrete controlHMImotors/motion control
PLCsprocess controlautomation--generalCAD/documentation
discrete parts handlingfactory automationfield servicemachine build/retrofit
SCADAvision systemsVisual BasicC/C++
electrical engineeringenclosuresinstr/data acquisitiontemperature control
water/wastewaterbatch processinginformation systemssensor integration

Product Experience
DatalogicRockwell AutomationSchneider ElectricSick Optics
YaskawaABBBaldorBeckhoff Automation
CognexGE DigitalHoffmanRittal
Rockwell SoftwareWonderwareBently NevadaMitsubishi
PPT VisionRed Lion ControlsKeyenceWAGO

Corporate Affiliations
ABBDatalogicPPT VisionSchneider Electric
Sick OpticsYaskawaAllen-BradleyRockwell Automation
Rockwell SoftwareWAGOWonderware

Professional Affiliations