ControlTec Ltd.

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Listing Last Updated:1/27/2013

Contact Information
Name:Szymon Dolata - Marketing Department Director
11- 13 Tarnogajska Street
Wroclaw 50-512 Poland
Phone:+48 71 798 49 09
Fax:+48 71 798 49 06

Corporate Resume
The ControlTec company was set up in 2003 by a group of highly qualified engineers. Their knowledge and experience had been acquired in the CNPAE and ABB companies, the energy market leaders at the time. Working for the best obliges and benefits. From the very beginning our priority is to be open to our customers’ needs. We want the modern technical solutions offered by ControlTec to translate into the future commercial success both for our customers and ourselves. We realize that the quality of our services is well shown in the contractors’ satisfaction, while their well-established market position adds to our prestige and reputation. The company’s mission statement is:"Show us your goal, and we will help you reach it." Putting this imperative into practice we have earned on the Polish market the position of independent and trusted supplier of systems and advanced automation for power industry. We do not restrict our activities to the Polish market alone. We are active all over the world. Our solutions are universal. State borders are no limit for us. ControlTec successfully went through the audit on conformity of the Quality Management System to the ISO 9001:2008 norm. The audit was carried out by the renowned BVQI ( Bureau Veritas Quality International ).

Industries Served

Areas Served
European UnionMiddle East

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalcontrol panelsinstallation/start-upprocess control
training/educationcomprehensive automatic systems projectstraining in automatic regulation systemsmountage and commissioning of control systems
consultancy on process automationpreparation and mountage of MCCs