Plant Werx Pte Ltd

Year Founded:2000
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:2/13/2013

Contact Information
Name:Yiew Ming Foong - Managing Director
51 Bukit Batok Crescent
#07-16, Unity Centre
Singapore 658077 Singapore
Phone:+65 6316 6560
Fax:+65 6561 2210

Industries Served

Areas Served
AsiaEuropeSouth AmericaNorthern AfricaWestern Africa

Engineering Specialties
data collection/reportingDCSPLCsSCADA

Product Experience
ABBRockwell AutomationSiemensWonderware

Corporate Affiliations
ABBRockwell AutomationWonderware

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
Plant Werx's engineers are experts in the field of automation and control systems, particularly in Process related industries. With years of experience in providing solutions to varous customers, not only are we able to offer the best solution in terms of Automation, we are also able to value add with customized ideas which are innovative and uniquely suitable for special process. Together with the clients' Process Specialist, we will innovate the most productive and efficient solution, not to mention profitable.