Tunning ingenieria

Year Founded:1994
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:5/1/2016

Contact Information
Name:Daniela Jara - Sales Coordinator
Lautaro 803
santiagoSanti 7501467 Chile
Phone:+56 2 26201332

Industries Served
stone/clay/glass/brickwood products

Areas Served
South AmericaCentral America

Engineering Specialties
computer softwareDCSinstallation/start-upinstr/data acquisitionPLCs

Product Experience
Rockwell AutomationSiemens

Corporate Affiliations

Corporate Resume
TUNNING is an integrator Chilean company with 21 years on the industry, have one of the biggest installed base in Chile. The focus is on process control system, mainly Rockwell and Siemens. There are about 50 employees, 40 are especialist in control and electrical systems and they have Quality certificate, ISO 9001. TUNNING have a history working in different projects in Latin America including Mexico, Argentina, Per├║ and Guyana amongst others. The CEO of the company started his career working as the engineering manager at Honeywell, after wich he started Tunning Ingenieria Ltda. working as subcontractors for Honeywell┬┤s projects as first activities. To this day we have been solution providers for Siemens and Rockwell for more than 15 years. They give world-class solutions in control and electrical systems, developing greenfield and brownfield projects (consultancy, engineering, configuration, Programming, commissioning, start up), system upgrade, maintenance services, remote assistance 24/7, emergency services 24/7, life cicle services 24/7, consultancy and continuous improvement. Their differentiator: Solution Control Systems and electric drive under one responsibility. - TUNNING as control system and TUNNING SISTEMAS ELECTRICOS (TSE) as electrical solutions company (MCC, CDC, VDF, electrical panels) Professional technical and administrative processes: - Tracking the disciplines of the profession. - Using technology to increase productivity. Teamwork : communications technology , social networks. - There is always someone who has faced a problem before. - All the knowledge available to customer service. - 24/7 support network with Rockwell and Siemens hotline.