Technology Transfer Incorporated

Year Founded:1998
Annual Revenue:$10-25 million
Listing Last Updated:9/2/2019

Contact Information
5935-97 Street
EdmontonAB T6E 3J2 United States
Phone:(780) 414-1800
Fax:(780) 414-1801

Corporate Resume
TTI is an aggressive automation and controls company that provides innovative solutions for custom projects. The company excels in oil field and drilling rig automation and controls. Complete AC and DC drive systems are a significant part of TTI's business. TTI has created a significant niche regarding specialized equipment contruction and control. Automated manufacturing plant design and construction is another specialty for TTI. TTI supplies custom control systems for the water/wastewater treatment, forestry, batch plant, and aggregrate industries. Whether a small control system such as an automated pumping system or a large scale project such as a drill pipe plant, TTI has the capabilities to handle it all. TTI warranties its designs and provides full warranty on parts and labor provided. TTI stands behind the products it sells and the services it provides

Industries Served
rubber/plastics/paintwood products

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
data collection/reportingmotors/motion controloil rig construction/designautomated handling systems
centrifuge control designautomated pipe handling

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyEaton CorporationEmerson AutomationOmron Electronics

Corporate Affiliations
Eaton Corporation