Sure Controls, Inc.

Year Founded:1984
Annual Revenue:
Listing Last Updated:8/22/2019

Contact Information
Name:Terry Brei - President / Sales Manager
N981 Tower View Dr
GreenvilleWI 54942 United States
Phone:(920) 757-0500
Fax:(920) 757-0501

Industries Served
agriculturalmaterial handlingprinting/convertingwire/cable

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
control panelsdata collection/reportingHMIinformation systemsMES
motors/motion controlPLCsprocess controlsafety/security systems

Product Experience
Rockwell Automation

Corporate Affiliations
Rockwell Automation

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
Today's ever-improving automation technologies offer many opportunities to improve the speed, quality and cost effectiveness of your manufacturing operation. To take full advantage of these technologies, you need a partner that understands your manufacturing processes and can help you apply the technologies to achieve world-class manufacturing status.