ICS Online Inc.

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Listing Last Updated:9/23/2013

Contact Information
Name:Steve Scrosati - CEO
441 Doak Blvd
RiponCA 95366 United States

Engineering Specialties
computer softwarecontrol panelsdesigns/specificationselectrical engineeringHMI
installation/start-upmaintenance/repairPLCsSCADAturnkey systems

Corporate Resume
Industrial Control Systems, Inc. (ICS) has been distinguishing itself at the forefront of custom automation systems design since its start in 1995. Currently serving northern California through its newly expand offices in Ripon, ICS’s commitment to providing well-designed products that are both reliable and cost-effective have established ICS as a leader in its field. ICS has been providing its customers with the latest in technological innovation for over a decade, warranting its reputation as a dependable and efficient systems design and operation manufacturer. ICS continues to expound a standard of excellence in long-standing partnerships with its clients. Where there is a need for innovative, reliable and cost-effective automation solutions, ICS Online Inc. has earned the distinction as the supplier of choice.