CMW Automation

Year Founded:1997
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:3/27/2014

Contact Information
Name:Mark Marusich - Managing Director
67A Newton Street, Newton Park
Port ElizabethEC 6055 South Africa

Industries Served

Areas Served
Southern AfricaMiddle Africa

Engineering Specialties

Product Experience
InduSoftPhoenix ContactSchneider ElectricTatsoft

Corporate Affiliations
Endress + HauserPhoenix ContactSchneider Electric

Corporate Resume
CMW Automation (Eastern Cape) (Pty) Ltd is an Automation Solution Company based in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape servicing the Local as well as other National and International Industries. Established in 1997 in Port Elizabeth with the view of extending the expertise gained further a field to such Industries as the Automotive and Tyre Manufactures. CMW Automation has celebrated its 10th anniversary in May 2007. CMW Automation is a Control Systems Engineering company, in which each main member of staff have had at least twenty five years of experience in turn key Process Plant Design, Factory Automation and Information Systems. Other skills include Computer Aided Design, System Specification, Software Development, Installation, Training and Support. CMW Automation has strengths from the diverse skills and flexibility of its management team. These skills range from detailed technical knowledge of PLC's, SCADA, Bespoke Software and their related systems to broad business knowledge. Due to the nature of the business, being a skills and knowledge industry, CMW Automation has a low overhead structure relative to its base skills allowing for flexible changes to its operation when required. We have very good relationships with numerous other companies as well as formed some meaningful partnerships over the years and have on many occasions formed joint ventures when quoting and implementing large projects.