NOFFZ Computer Technology

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Listing Last Updated:1/7/2013

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Name:Markus Solbach - Head of Business Development - Managing Partner
Tempelsweg 24A
Toenisvorst 47918 Germany

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CSIACSIA certified

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From the very beginning we have focussed on fast and flexible development of hardware and software solutions for automated tester systems and have worked true to our motto "Fast & Flexible with Focus“. Because we have gained broad experience implementing numerous projects of different types, our tester systems have been standardized as modular and reusable platform solutions which can be tailored according to our customer’s individual needs. Today, NOFFZ is able to offer scalable and flexible systems development combined with versatile services in the field of development and production. NOFFZ delivers turn-key computer-aided measurement and automation systems, offers a broad range of services and has established as a supplier for exactly tailored and customized hardware and software solutions.