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Listing Last Updated:1/13/2021

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Name:Pieter Venter
Office 12, Southgate Mall, 400
Kingsway Amanzimtoti,
Kwazul Natal 4126 South Africa

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Convenient Software Solutions provides complete industrial automation and OEM solutions to a wide range of industry sectors. As experienced system integrators operating in diverse industrial processes, the company believes that their solutions will meet their customers' immediate needs as well allow for future expansions and upgrades to meet their customers' ever-changing business and production requirements. The company has extensive experience in engineering and managing industrial automation projects ranging in size from small modifications to large, capital-intensive upgrades and new installations. SCADA, PLC, telemetry and instrumentation systems supported by CSS range from legacy through to the latest automation technologies. This makes CSS an effective solutions provider for any automation requirement, whether upgrading, replacing, or maintaining legacy systems. The same knowledge and expertise is used when engineering new systems from first principles. The vision of Convenient Software Solutions is to focus on providing total automation solutions, both standardized and customized turnkey solutions and services, taking advantage of the latest but proven technologies available.

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