Deleproject AG

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Listing Last Updated:2/20/2020

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Name:Hans Ulrich Sigrist
Industriestrasse 12
Uetendorf/ThunCH 3661 Switzerland

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Deleproject is a considerable engineering and automation company in Switzerland. They provide engineering services for the process control area with an accent on software design and development for integrated and customized automation and MES (manufacturing execution system) applications in industrial environments. The company has been in business for more than 25 years and has highly trained and motivated employees, most with engineering titles with an informatics or electrical technology background. Their mission is to provide high quality services. Their focus is to develop smart solutions in the rapidly changing business environment of their costumers. The company utilizes the latest technologies to streamline business and technology operations, minimize project development costs and TCO, and maximize efficiency for production processes. Their services include concept engineering and consulting for automation and MES solutions, system and software engineering, help services, and database management. The technologies they offer include 3-tier design, DCOM, HTML, XML, ActiveX, OPC, SOAP, Delphi, VB, and C#.

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