POWER Engineers

Year Founded:1976
Annual Revenue:$25-50 million
Listing Last Updated:9/5/2018

Contact Information
Name:Scott Olson - Project Engineer
2401 Grand Ave, Suite 400
BillingsMT 59102 United States
Phone:406 652 4834
Fax:406 656 4939

Industries Served
Food PackagingPulp/PaperPowerWaterFiber

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
data processing/mgmntHMIPLCsprocess controlsubstation automation
generator control

Corporate Resume
POWER Engineers is a consulting engineering firm specializing in energy, facilities, communications, and environmental. The engineers and project managers in POWER Engineersâ## Industrial Division have a solid track record helping companies integrate and automate equipment and processes. POWER Engineers is a leading provider of complete systems automation services, including instrumentation and controls, HMI, SCADA, programming, and networking. Their expertise in process and packaging, material handling, and facility/energy management systems makes them the preferred choice for manufacturers and processors.