PAS Middle East

Year Founded:
Annual Revenue:$10-25 million
Listing Last Updated:2/5/2019

Contact Information
Name:Mark Carrigan
PO Box 261391
Dubai  United Arab Emirates
Phone:971 4 368-4104
Fax:281 286 6767

Industries Served
chemical/petrochemicalconsumer productsoil/gaspetroleumpulp/paper

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
advanced controlautomation--generalDCSsimulation/modelingalarm management
automation asset managementapplication engineering

Product Experience
Our own products

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Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
PAS improves a client's key operating objectives for reliability, safety, and productivity by empowering people with process knowledge and information to drive maximum returns from plant assets. PAS delivers a superior customer experience with their engineering organization. Repeat business from returning customers is one of the primary metrics the company utilizes in measuring customer satisfaction. PAS differentiates their engineering service offerings from others in the industry by means of their people (highly trained engineers, mostly former customers with years of plant/mill experience), work processes (considered a major capital asset and the essential element for delivering superior quality, consistent repeatability, and continuous cost reduction), and technology (key to reducing project execution costs continuously). The company encapsulates repeatable, sound engineering practices into proprietary software tools that give their engineers an edge. PAS has fully embraced the principles of the Six Sigma quality process to create breakthrough improvement in the way they deliver engineering services to their customers worldwide. PAS's products and services include alarm management, advanced process modeling and control, DCS engineering and integration, dynamic state and transition management, operator-centered services, safety instrumented systems engineering, and on-site contract engineering support.