Kinetic Machine Development, LLC

Year Founded:1991
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:5/20/2010

Contact Information
Name:Phil Jaworski
11669 Lilburn Park
St. LouisMO 63146 United States
Phone:(314) 609-1002
Fax:(314) 997-6706

Industries Served
discrete manufacturinglaboratoriesmaterial handlingOEMtest/measurement
chemical/petrochemicalcoalconsumer productsmanufacturing--generalmolding/extrusion
pet productssteelwarehousing

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalcontrol panelsdata collection/reportingdispensing/fillingfactory automation
installation/start-uplaboratory automationmachine design/controlmotors/motion controlpackaging
PLCsautomated assemblyautomatic test equipmentCAD/documentationcell control
conveying/sortingdiscrete controlHMImaterial handlingmechanical engineering
product tracking/identproject planningwater/wastewater21 CFR Part 11computer software
manufacturing engineeringproject managementroboticssupervisory controlsystems engineering

Product Experience
KeyenceSchneider ElectricWAGOAllen-BradleyAutomationDirect
Banner EngineeringBeckhoff AutomationCognexFestoHoffman
IDECKepwareMaple SystemsParkerPro-face
ProSoftRockwell AutomationRockwell SoftwareSMCAccu-Sort
Action InstrumentsAdvantechDanaher MotionDelta Tau Data SystemsElo Touchsystems
Intelligent ActuatorOmron ElectronicsOpto 22SIXNETWonderware

Corporate Affiliations
Not applicableORMEC

Professional Affiliations
Not applicableISA

Corporate Resume
Kinetic Machine Development, LLC, has deep roots in machine design and control. It is the end result of significant restructuring efforts applied to the integration company Jaworski – Bickert Incorporated. This lineage gives KMD a long history (since 1991) and lots of experience with a wide range of automation, motion, and machine building products. The team of engineers at KMD specialize in providing complete automation solutions for the general manufacturing industry, with a specialization in the packaging and material handling requirements of the pharmaceutical and medical market place. KMD’s capabilities range from controls integration and machine upgrades to complete design, fabrication, and commissioning of custom automation systems. With creative strengths in both machine and control system design, KMD has the abilities to provide its customers improved productivity and flexibility through a total system solution approach.