Emerald Automation, LLC

Year Founded:2004
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:9/12/2013

Contact Information
Name:Dave Hussey - President
9228 W Clearwater Dr.
KennewickWA 99336 United States
Phone:509 783-1369 ext: 111
Fax:509 737-9208

Corporate Resume
Emerald is committed to providing the utmost excellence in engineering, computer networking & communication. The company is built around the strength of the personnel and their unique ability to provide the highly technical engineering skills required in today’s fast paced environment. Our success is centered on delivering the best service possible by achieving our customers’ goals on time and under budget. We take great pride in the fact our clients are companies that do business with us repetitively. The focus of Emerald is on OEM manufacturing engineering and programming. Emerald is a consulting company based on expertise in the programming and electrical design areas. We also offer complete mechanical engineering and manufacturing to complement our strength in machine control. The qualifications of the Emerals staff includes, but is not limited to, the following areas of skills and projects: • PLC & PC Based Programming including: Allen Bradley Modicon Texas Instruments OPTO 22 Factory Floor PLC Direct Omron Various others • Servo Motion Control including: Indramat Emerson Pacific Scientific Allen Bradley • HMI Development Packages including RSView32 Intellution A/B RS Studio CTC TCP • AutoCAD Design • Solid Works 2011 • COGNEX Vision System Development & Integration • VB, C++, Assembly • ActiveX - OLE2 - COM Components • Networking Support Programming with: Windows 95 through 2008 HVAC Control In Nuclear Facility - While with a UL508 integrator members of our staff took the lead roles in the design build of the automated controls for the Cold Vacuum Drying Facility located at on Hanford Nuclear Site. This work included a complete redesign of the HVAC and Fail Safe systems to meet the changes brought to light during construction as well as building / fabricating control enclosures and supervising the installation and start-up of the system. These tasks included all software design for both the Allen-Bradley PLC with a hot back-up and the GUI and data structure of the SCADA system. Redundant network media for all system communications was included as well as safety significant alarm monitoring of critical building information. Extrusion Plant Design and Commissioning – Complete plant design from dual backup transformers utilizing a tieback breaker with 2 mains down to limit switch placement and related PLC code. Recipe batch programs using RSView running on a controllogix platform with multiple processors and HMI stations. Datalogging to track production performance and billet characteristics logging to an Oracle database. Plastic Bottling Line Implementation – Complete design and startup support for a food processing company. Major components included a multi-tier Modbus Plus platform using Bridges and Quantum processors, HMI development and network support for both MB+ and VFD Danfoss drives communicating across the network. Assembly Line Control - Modified & Improved controls for an automotive air-bag manufacturer. This system utilizes a central PLC 5 to track and gather information for the quality assurance and data keeping system. Several SLC 500 PLC’s are connected using a Data Highway + to communicate with individual assembly stations. Remote I/O, DH+, RS232, and Ethernet are some of the communication protocols necessary to integrate for complete functionality.

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