Golder Associates

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Listing Last Updated:6/11/2016

Contact Information
Name:Willy Gruber
44 Union Blvd
Ste 300
LakewoodCO 80228 United States
Phone:(303) 980-0540
Fax:(303) 985-2080

Corporate Resume
Automation is a key component in most process facilities. Proper design and programming of the control system ensures optimal plant operation. Golder Associates provides clients with design capabilities for instrumentation and control systems followed up by programming, panel assembly, and commissioning of simple to complex systems. We help our clients get the most from their new or existing systems and assist in developing, advancing, and improving their control and monitoring processes

Industries Served
waste treatment

Engineering Specialties
control panelsdesigns/specificationsinstallation/start-upPLCs
project managementSCADA

Product Experience
Control MicrosystemsEmerson AutomationRockwell SoftwareSchneider Electric

Professional Affiliations