LML Automated Systems, Inc.

Year Founded:1994
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:7/15/2011

Contact Information
Name:Larry Smock - Sales Manager
361 Shadyside Drive
Burns HarborIN 46368 United States

Industries Served

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
electrical engineeringHMIinstallation/start-upmotors/motion controlPLCs

Corporate Resume
Since 1994, LML Automated Systems, Inc. has been involved in providing industries throughout the United States with quality cost competitive engineering services. The staff and project experience of LML has grown through the result of customer satisfaction and a challenging yet tranquil work environment. The company's team engineering approach is unusually easy to work with due to the diverse expertise of LML's people combined with their commitment and drive. Active involvement by top management is an important advantage of the LML approach. The company's senior engineers are the nucleus of every project and stay actively involved throughout the project lifecycle. LML's integrated facility combines engineering and manufacturing personnel under one roof. LML's 9,600 sq. ft. facility enables projects to be thoroughly system tested prior to shipment to the client's jobsite, reducing installation and start-up time. Engineers and customers can monitor the progress of their project conveniently at LML's location.