Dexter Fortson

Year Founded:1982
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:12/8/2014

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Name:Gene Knott - Sales
5511 Powder Plant Road
BirminghamAl 35022 United States

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agriculturalwater/wastewaterpivot irrigation

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In 1982 William H. Dexter and Andrew W. Fortson founded Dexter Fortson Associates, Inc. (DFA) in response to the service needs in the utility, manufacturing and coal mining industries. Initial operations consisted of power and distribution system design and installation as well as large motor and high speed drive system modifications. Electric power substation, power line construction and large excavator control service and repair were primary services. In 1983, custom electronic research, development, manufacturing and printed circuit boards launched DFA into the high tech information and control market. Monitor, control, data acquisition, and radio/data linking systems were developed. DFA’s manufacturing facility has been located in a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama since 1984. Within this facility, 7,200 square feet is manufacturing and design/ administration is 3,600 square feet. There are three remote construction offices in Alabama located in Jefferson, Shelby, and Tuscaloosa counties. Today, DFA SCADA / Radio Telemetry Monitor and Control Systems are installed across the United States in water, wastewater, natural gas, electrical, environmental, industrial and irrigation applications. With over 250 customers, the total number of RTUs currently in service exceeds 4,500. The programmable Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) designed by William H. Dexter is the basis of each DFA SCADA system. This utility grade RTU is manufactured and assembled in a UL508A certified shop located in Bessemer, Alabama. We can say “Proudly Made in the USA”. Many DFA SCADA systems are 20 years old, still running smoothly, and supported by DFA. We understand the importance of after-sale service and provide that service with integrity and a genuine interest in our customers. People-to-people, the DFA employee is the core of everything we do. With a 10 year average length of service, they are the technical skill, knowledge and experience for today's operations. The continuity of this managerial and technical expertise has been placed in good hands for the next 20 to 30 years with a younger group of employees, three of whom are Fortson family members and all of whom are actively involved in daily operations extending from project management through installation into customer service. As a second generation family managed business, you have the peace of mind knowing that DFA can serve tomorrow.