InoSys, Inc.

Year Founded:1994
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:1/16/2012

Contact Information
Name:Richard Schwarzbach - President
267 Cedar St.
SebastianFL 32958 United States

Industries Served
consumer productscontainersdiscrete manufacturingfabricated metalsquality control/test
automation/controlautomotivebottling/canningbrewing/distillingelectrical equipment
electronicsfood/beveragemail ordermanufacturing--generalmedical/health care
millingmolding/extrusionwire/cablebuilding automation

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
test/inspectionvision systemsautomated assemblyautomated weldingautomatic test equipment
automation--generalfactory automationmachine build/retrofitPC-based controlspersonal computers
PLCsprocess controlproduct tracking/identquality/test engineeringregulatory compliance
shop floor datatraining/educationturnkey systemssemiconductors

Product Experience
CognexPPT VisionTeledyne DALSAAllen-BradleyAutomationDirect
Opto 22Our own productsBanner EngineeringIntelligent ActuatorKeyence

Corporate Affiliations
CognexPPT VisionTeledyne DALSA

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
InoSys, Inc. is a machine vision systems integrator. InoSys is a privately held corporation begun originally in 1988 as a business segment of Assurance Technologies, Inc. Both ATI and InoSys were formed by the current president of InoSys, Inc. InoSys has several strategic alliances that set it apart from most system integrators. Contractual retainers with two custom software development companies and two automation houses create an abundance of readily available, cost effective, high quality, custom automation and software products. A network of affiliate companies sells and services highly technical PC-based quality assurance products such as coordinate measuring machines, video microscopes, video and optical comparators, and SPC data collection systems throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. This network provides InoSys a local sales and service presence few other system integrators can offer. Many of InoSys' systems incorporate remote control software so that future software updates and final system tuning can be accomplished without on-site visits.