Advanced Energy Control

Year Founded:2000
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:10/3/2013

Contact Information
Name:Nathan Bartlett - Senior Project Engineer
PO Box 130
RandolphWI 53956 United States

Corporate Resume
Advanced Energy Control (AEC) is a refrigeration controls company to firms nationwide. With AEC’s control techniques, our clients are able to save significant money on energy through our comprehensive approach to control electric demand (kw) and overall electric usage (kwh), first for the entire facility and then for specific equipment. AEC custom designs each controls system for the client. We design the system to match your process and electric rate structure. This technique will save you money on electricity by first, reducing and leveling electric demand and secondly, by making the best use of available on & off peak times. Combine this with our techniques to operate the equipment in the most efficient manner and you have a user-friendly controls system that saves you time & money. AEC provides continuous support for the system, either on or off site through remote management software. So whether you want upgrading, monitoring, or troubleshooting of your system, service can be performed quickly and effectively without interruption to your process. And since industrial control and energy management is all we do, we provide exceptional focus, knowledge, reliability, and speed to save you money.

Industries Served
brewing/distillingbuilding automationfishingfood/beverage

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Engineering Specialties
automation--generalbuilding automationCAD/documentationcontrol panels
energy managementPLCs

Product Experience
Opto 22

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