DLL Solutions, Inc.

Year Founded:1998
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:1/26/2018

Contact Information
Name:Dennis Kilgore - President
816 Elm Street
Suite 417
ManchesterNH 03101 United States
Phone:603-537-2088 ext: 202
Fax:(603) 537-2099

Corporate Resume
DLL Solutions, Inc. is a premier integrator of OSIsoft PI data historians. The company provides a variety of services that help customers maximize the value of their investment in data. After all, just collecting the information is useful, but the greatest benefits come from tools that provide data correlated to a client's particular needs. Founded in 1998, the core focus of DLL Solutions has been to provide customers with solid solutions to real-world data issues using the OSIsoft PI system. DLL provides turnkey systems, proof-of-concept project design and consulting, advanced application development, application of corporate business rules to real data, as well as a variety of other value-added services.

Industries Served
chemical/petrochemicalcogenerationcomputers/info systemsnuclear energy
pulp/paperbiotechnologybrewing/distillingbuilding automation
life sciencesmetalspharmaceuticalsOSIsoft PI System Integrator
OSIsoft PI Independent Software Vendor

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
computer softwaredata collection/reportingdata processing/mgmntVisual Basic
Web technologyCEMSERPinstr/data acquisition
personal computerswater/wastewater21 CFR Part 11C/C++
DCSadvanced controlautomation--generalHMI
process displays and reporting.NET developmentOSIsoft PI System IntegratorISO Market Data Integration

Product Experience
OSIsoftABBAllen-BradleyCisco Systems
DellRockwell SoftwareEmerson AutomationFoxboro

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