New Vista Corp.

Year Founded:1992
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:6/5/2014

Contact Information
Name:Blair Miller - Applications Engineer Coordinator
900-D North Macon Street
BaltimoreMD 21205 United States

Industries Served
aerospace/aircraftautomotivemachinerymanufacturing--generalmedical/health care
quality control/testtest/measurement

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automated assemblymachine toolstest/inspectionfixturingbrazing
parts washing

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyBanner EngineeringBosch-RexrothTurck

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
New Vista Corporation was founded in 1992 to deliver solutions for volume manufacturers in a variety of industries. These solutions include standard and customizable machine tools, parts washers, material handling & palletizing equipment, assembly machinery, casting trim & degate equipment, brazing machinery, and testing rigs. New Vista also has a special competency in thread verification. New Vista has extensive experience in providing machinery to fill special needs and unusual requirements.