Year Founded:2014
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:10/25/2015

Contact Information
Name:Matthias Baudot - Founder, Software Architect
640 rue Champlain
QuebecQC G1K4J3 Canada
Phone:418 780 4443

Corporate Resume
STUDIO BODs is specialized in software development with LabVIEW. The company has strong expertise in OOP for ground up software solutions that offer stability, re-usability, and expansion. It also provides SQL Database integration for robust data storage and fast data processing, Hardware integration for Real-Time and FPGA embedded systems, or Custom APIs development. STUDIO BODs also provides consulting services in various area such as Advanced Architecture Design, for starting the project with the correct design pattern and establishing maintainability and re-usability of code. Software Deployment, Continuous Integration for continually develop, test, and release your software. Project Management where we provide tools to improve team productivity by learning how to mitigate the risks in managing software development across a large team. Data Management in order to properly think about data storage, retrieval, and analysis at every stage of the development. Learn how to seamlessly integrate and manage big data and SQL database like a pro. STUDIO BODs also delivers excellent training packages for LabVIEW software. Teachers are both smart and professional, and they are selflessly dedicated to your success.

Industries Served

Areas Served
CanadaAR-LA-OK-TXEuropean UnionAK-WA-OR-CA-HI
OH-IN-IL-MI-WIAsiaCaribbeanCentral America
Eastern AfricaMiddle AfricaNorthern AfricaOceania
South AmericaSouthern AfricaWestern Africa

Engineering Specialties
electrical engineeringembedded controlssignal process/conditionoptics and photonics

Product Experience
National InstrumentsTestStand