Deterministic Systems, Inc.

Year Founded:1998
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:10/6/2013

Contact Information
Name:Curt Peterson - President
1553 2nd Avenue
Walnut CreekCA 94597 United States

Industries Served
recreation/entertainmentamusement parks

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
CAD/documentationcomputer softwaredesigns/specificationsmaintenance/repairnetworking/comm
architecture design

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyAutomationDirectMitsubishiOmron ElectronicsSchneider Electric

Corporate Affiliations

Professional Affiliations
IAAPAISAProfessional Engineers of California

Corporate Resume
DSi provides controls design engineering services. The company has decades of experience in networked PLC control systems design and programming. Their professional engineering staff specializes in critical control systems requiring deterministic operations. DSi designs all of the hardware circuits and writes every line of program code in order to tightly integrate the control system to a client's application. DSi offers architecture design services, including hardware design, complete controls architecture design, I/O, power distribution, motor controls, sensors, HMI, data networks, and field wiring. They can program Allen-Bradley uLogix, SLC, PLC, and ControlLogix PLCs for performance, reliability, diagnostics, and operations. DSi specializes in programming the Siemens and Allen-Bradley families of programmable logic controllers in multiple-processor applications. DSi has also programmed controllers from AutomationDirect, OMRON and Mitsubishi as well as Modicon PLCs in various applications. DSi can have a client's distributed control system communicating in any industrial environment. They offer wireless and hardwired communications systems including power-line, SMS, GPRS, RF-modem, cellular modem, Ethernet, Controlnet, Profibus, Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus, RS-232, RS-485, and many PLC-dependent proprietary communications options. DSi provides electrical schematics, a single-line diagram, I/O spreadsheets, panel layout drawings, sensor location crawings, terminations drawings, annotated PLC programs, annotated HMI programs, alarm action spreadsheets, bills of materials, recommended spare parts lists, operational procedures, factory acceptance test procedures, and final acceptance test procedures for every project.