M-D-J spol s r.o.

Year Founded:1993
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:7/8/2013

Contact Information
Name:Jan Ligus
Juhoslovanska 1
Kosice 040 13 Slovakia

Industries Served
research/developmentsteelheat industry

Areas Served
European UnionAsiaEuropeOH-IN-IL-MI-WI

Engineering Specialties
heat exchangerstransmissionscans

Corporate Resume
M-D-J, spol. s r.o. Company, Automation and Control System Center was established in 1993. The center is concerned with implementation of the most progressive methods and technologies from areas of Cybernetics, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Information and Communication Technologies into individual manufacturing industries. The application domains of the company are large, middle and small technological complexes in the control area, classical as well as sophisticated industrial complexes, design, development and supply of software and hardware modules, measurement and automation technologies, likewise direct and remote control and monitoring of the technological and robotic stations. Remote control and monitoring is realized through the most modern local and internet applications with high safeness. The company ambition is to cover complex range of services in area of the professional control, visualisation and information systems from the project phase, through the realization, project documentation and operating staff trainings. For the foreign investors the project documentation as well as the trainings are prepared also in English language. Our services are also supplied with warranty and after-warranty service. We have developed cooperation with many foreign and local companies, where we cooperate not just in area of the creating and implementation of the automation systems, but also on their continuous optimization and upgrading. Working potential of the company are experts from areas of automation, robotics, measurement and control technique, informatics and artificial intelligence. Our employees are periodically trained and certificated to implement the newest control and information technologies. The company nearly cooperates with academic and scientific institutions. Our company provides reliable and the most modern services and products with adequate prices. We offer our skills and knowledge in areas where others hesitate or do not venture.