Semiconductor Process Equipment Corp.

Year Founded:1986
Annual Revenue:$5-10 million
Listing Last Updated:5/20/2010

Contact Information
Name:Kevin McGillivray
27963 Franklin Pkwy
ValenciaCA 91355 United States
Phone:661-257-0934 ext: 102

Corporate Resume
Semiconductor Process Equipment Corporation (SPEC) designs and manufactures wafer and device-level wet process equipment for the semiconductor industry and equipment for other industries requiring high levels of processing cleanliness. Each system is custom designed and manufactured to fit the unique needs and requirements of the customer. Additionally, SPEC's systems are designed to meet the guidelines noted in NEC, NFPA, OSHA, SEMI, and ANSI specifications and standards. SPEC is experienced in designing equipment that operates within a clean room environment. Overall impact to a customer's clean room environment is minimized by incorporating laminar air flow, reduced exhaust consumption, and the minimization of particulate generation into the initial design process. Process compatibility with materials used in construction is a high priority at SPEC. They choose the highest grade materials possible to ensure that chemical interaction does not degrade the customer's process. All of their systems are manufactured in a facility located in Valencia, California. These facilities include metal fabrication equipment and a full CNC machine shop in addition to plastic fabrication equipment, including 5 by 10 foot CNC machining centers, a CNC mill, and numerous polypropylene welding tables and welders. Final assembly and testing of all systems is completed using clean dry air and deionized water in SPEC's class 1000 clean room. After final testing, the systems are thoroughly cleaned with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and deionized water and then triple packaged for protection prior to shipment to the customer.

Industries Served
aerospace/aircraftautomotivebiotechnologycomputers/info systems
semiconductordisk drives

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
DCSmachine build/retrofitmaterial handlingrobotics
cleanroom processesre-conditioning used equipmentcustom designed equipmenthigh purity fluid handling
precision cleaningrobotic material handling

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyBosch-RexrothEmerson AutomationMitsubishi
Omron Electronics