Roush Industries

Year Founded:1976
Annual Revenue:Over $50 million
Listing Last Updated:9/15/2015

Contact Information
Name:Jon Armstrong - Manager - Control Systems Engineering
12249 Levan Rd.
Roush Building 2
LivoniaMI 48150 United States

Corporate Resume
Roush will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this coming year in 2016. What began in 1976 as Jack Roush Performance Engineering is now recognized internationally as a premier provider of engineering and systems integration solutions, with over 3,000 employees in facilities across the globe. Roush has grown significantly over the years in direct response to customer needs, and now has significant resources in engineering, product design, testing, fabrication/prototyping, and manufacturing. Through strategic planning and acquisition, commitment, and hard work, Roush has developed an unparalleled reputation for technical expertise, quality and value. Our focus on providing seamlessly integrated services and streamlining the product development process has accelerated our customers’ critical product-to-market timing objectives – a vital advantage in today’s competitive market. Our success remains deeply rooted in the core values that are unique to Roush: reliance upon the talent of the individual, a disciplined work ethic, scrupulous attention to detail, and an acutely intense desire to be the best. We continue to seek innovative methods of providing our customers effective, efficient services and solutions. With headquarters located in the motor city, Roush is deeply rooted in the automotive industry. However, Roush has taken our core expertise and successfully applied it across a wide range of other industries. Roush now serves the Alternative Fuels, Aerospace, Defense, Entertainment, and Oil and Gas industries. Roush regularly provides automation integration services for a diverse group of internal programs, and also provides these same services to external customers as well. Roush has significant experience in machine design and integration, which includes mechanical and electrical design and analysis, software/controls design, wiring and control box design, and custom machining and manufacturing.

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computer softwarecontrol panelsmachine design/controlwiring

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Allen-BradleyBeckhoff AutomationNational InstrumentsSiemens

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National Instruments

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