Middlesex General Industries

Year Founded:1968
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:3/9/2013

Contact Information
Name:Sales - Business Development
6 Adele Rd
WoburnMA 01801 United States

Industries Served
biotechnologycomputers/info systemssemiconductorsolarPV
hard disk mediapolysilicon

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automated assemblyautomation--generalcomputer softwareelectrical engineeringmechanical engineering
project managementsimulation/modeling

Product Experience
Omron ElectronicsSick OpticsNMB

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
Middlesex General Industries (MGI) specializes in clean-room automation for Semiconductors, Polysilicon, Flat panel displays, Computer disk memory devices, Pharmaceuticals, Solar panels, and Medical Devices. MGI is currently a leading edge supplier of factory logistics systems. MGI's work-in-process lot transport and management systems are based on queuing theory, assuring the maximum efficiency of work distribution. This technology surpasses all discrete vehicle distribution methodologies in cost, throughput and process equipment utilization, and is gaining industry wide acceptance. MGI manufactures and sells turnkey installations, or discrete components for any application. Continued developments assures MGI's leadership in the industry, where Middlesex is singular in experience, with more then 20,000 meters of transports and 100,000,000 lot moves in the field. Middlesex General Industries was founded in 1968 and has been dedicated to the development and marketing of high quality computer based automation equipment. MGI develops and manufactures automation solutions for each specific customer application. The products meet class 1 clean-room requirements and are used in automated manufacturing, assembly, quality control, final inspection, and statistical process control. MGI has offices in the United States, Asia and Europe. These global locations work together to meet the customer’s needs. Middlesex General Industries is open to all inquires, requests for information and request for quotation. MGI will work with the customer with regard to the factory layout. Factory simulations can be used to prove factory throughput efficiency.