Sierra Controls LLC

Year Founded:1973
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:2/10/2022

Contact Information
Name:Danny Hunsaker - General Manager
5470 Louie Lane, Suite 104
RenoNV 89511 United States

Corporate Resume
Sierra Controls LLC is a Nevada based company that was first incorporated in 1972. The company continues to be a leader in the water measurement and control industry as a I&C Designer, Systems Integrator and manufacturer of specialized water measurement products and solutions. Sierra Controls specializes in water measurement and control systems for public works, utilities, agriculture, private industry, and government organizations. Sierra Controls provides modern Cloud based SCADA options that provide monitoring of remote sites and systems using the benefits of modern protocols, communications strategies, cellular communications, edge devices, cloud-based monitoring systems and other solutions to meet your specific project needs. PLC / OIT / HMI Programming Our programs are documented, consistent, and customizable. Programs and HMI systems are scalable, robust, and organized in such a way that your operators find it intuitive and professional. Engineering / Design – Build Sierra Controls is both a registered engineering firm and a licensed systems integrator. Panel Fabrication Sierra Controls only uses the highest quality parts in our panel designs which are rated for their environment and location. SC is also a certified UL 508A panel fabrication facility. Installation & Startup Sierra Controls provides professional installation, startup and commissioning services. Radio & Wireless Communications SC has experience in many different solutions that meet the needs of each unique site condition. We have implemented many types of radio, fiber optic, networked, cellular, satellite, and copper communication systems. We are experienced in surveying each site for your specific needs and choosing the right application that provides the most reliable communication system possible. Service & Maintenance Sierra Controls offers on-call service, 24-hours emergency support and scheduled annual maintenance to ensure your SCADA System is functioning properly. System maintenance includes regular attention for all the hardware, software, communication, and programming needs of the

Industries Served
agriculturalwater/wastewaterfish & wildlife

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
PLCspumps/compressors/turbineSCADAwaste processing
gate control automationsmall remote system integrationsewage lift stationsadvanced treatment
hydroelectric water conveyance

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyControl MicrosystemsDream ReportInductive Automation
Schneider ElectricExele Information Systems

Corporate Affiliations
Allen-BradleyDellDream ReportInductive Automation
Rockwell AutomationSchneider ElectricExele Information Systems

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