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Year Founded:2001
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Listing Last Updated:12/11/2019

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Name:Phil Pitcher - Manager - Automation Solutions
176 Shaw Street
HamiltonON L8L 3P7 Canada
Phone:905 529-5122 ext: 610
Fax:905 529-1976

Corporate Resume
JNE’s team of highly experienced Automation experts can provide you with custom process control solutions to help achieve your business and production goals. With over 35 years working in the Metals industry, JNE has executed projects ranging from the raw materials yard to finished product. JNE has helped our clients migrate their legacy DCS and PLC installed base to modern integrated architectures to drive improved quality, yield, and reduce operating costs. With TUV certification, we specialize in control-reliable Process Safety Systems, with emphasis on Burner Management Systems and Combustion Control, allowing you to meet the latest applicable codes and standards. In an effort to provide our clients with a complete solution, JNE supplies custom designed control panels, operator stations, pulpit control desks, AC and DC drive panels, and complete prefabricated control rooms (PCRs). Our Panel Shop is UL certified, and can offer additional certifications as needed. JNE can also provide a complete range of multi-discipline engineering services to our clients performed under PMI and ISO guidelines to ensure quality. From project management to design engineering and construction, the JNE team has the expertise and innovation to engineer success for all of your projects. With offices in the USA and Canada, supplier-endorsed Partner status and membership in the Automation Alliance Group (AAG), JNE provides world class solutions built on worldwide experience.

Industries Served
metalschemical/petrochemicalcogenerationmaterial handling
utilitieswater/wastewaterBurner Management SyustemsMachine Safety Systems
Process safety SystemsEnergy Monitoring & Control

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Engineering Specialties
batch controlcombustion engineeringcontrol panelsDCS
discrete controlenergy managementHMImaterial handling
PLCsprocess controlproject managementregulatory compliance
safety/security systemsSCADA

Product Experience
Rockwell AutomationRockwell SoftwareSchneider ElectricSiemens
ABBEndress + HauserWonderwareEmerson Automation

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