Burns & McDonnell

Year Founded:1898
Annual Revenue:Over $50 million
Listing Last Updated:4/8/2011

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Name:Mike Chambers
9400 Ward Parkway
Kansas CityMO 64114 United States

Corporate Resume
Burns & McDonnell is an international engineering, architectural and consulting firm with offices worldwide. More than 1,200 engineers, architects, scientists, technicians and other specialists plan, design and build world-class systems. At any one time, Burns & McDonnell engineers are working on hundreds of projects throughout the world. Burns & McDonnell designs complex facilities, such as airports and aircraft maintenance facilities, power plants, military bases, water treatment plants, industrial and manufacturing facilties, and chemical process plants. Burns & McDonnell engineers devise solutions for protecting the environment, including air pollution control systems, wastewater treatment plants and waste management. The ideas of client, architect and engineer are integrated into quality systems that recognize the importance of the environment, a project's functional and economic demands, and the need to create comfortable and pleasant places to work and live. These projects vary in size from small studies to designing large facilities with construction costs on $1 billion or more. The firm's multi-disciplinary capabilities enable it to provide clients with comprehensive services for a broad array of projects.

Industries Served
transportationwaste treatmentwater/wastewaterarchitecture
interior design

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalchemical engineeringelectrical engineeringenvironmental engineering
instr/data acquisitionnetworking/commpower systems engrprocess engineering
project planningwater/wastewater

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Our own products

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