Basic Machinery Control LLC

Year Founded:2006
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:3/27/2014

Contact Information
Name:Nermin Basic - Owner
3405 SE Crossroads Dr Ste. M & N
GrimesIA 50111 United States

Industries Served
automotivechemical/petrochemicalfood/beveragemedical/health carepharmaceuticals
rubber/plastics/paintwood products

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalcomputer hardwarecomputer softwaredesigns/specificationselectrical engineering
mechanical engineeringprocess engineeringrobotics

Product Experience
ABBAllen-BradleyBanner EngineeringEaton CorporationTurck
Frame World

Corporate Affiliations
EchoVan Meter IncPower/MationElectricak Engineering & Equipment

Corporate Resume
Basic Machinery Control LLC: Established in 2006 is a multi-faceted engineering firm specializing in complex solutions, targeting the Industrial Automation market. BMC accommodates customer requests for complete 'turn-key' solutions with expertise in electrical, mechanical, and robotics engineering. Our team designs, builds, and provides complete control systems for our customer's needs using cutting-edge technology. BMC 'state of the art' machine shop delivers exceptional value according to customer specifications. BMC Can Make it: Better, Faster, Simpler & Cost Effective