iPS Control

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Listing Last Updated:3/25/2013

Contact Information
Name:Adam Krzeminski - Brand Manager
ul. Poznanska 23
Jasin, Swarzedz 62-020 Poland
Phone:+ 48 61 840 80 26
Fax:+ 48 61 843 01 87

Industries Served
agriculturalaluminumbuilding materialsconsumer productsfood/beverage
pulp/papertireswood products

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalMESproject managementrobotics

Product Experience

Corporate Resume
We offer the latest solutions including control and process visualization systems that are based on components manufactured by such leading and recognized Companies as Siemens, Allen Bradley and Wonderware. We specialize in automation of the following processes: •weighing and batch production systems •continuous and discrete processes •transport and storage systems •installation monitoring and control systems •control rooms •complete production lines •modernization projects