Big Bear Automation

Year Founded:2000
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:7/22/2015

Contact Information
Name:James Fishman - President
2273 Calle Del Mundo
Santa ClaraCA 95054 United States

Industries Served
biotechnologycomputers/info systemsmedical/health caremolding/extrusionresearch/development
rubber/plastics/paintplastics moldingchemical researchhard disk drives

Areas Served
AK-WA-OR-CA-HIAsiaEuropean UnionEuropeMT-ID-WY-CO-NM-AZ-UT-NV
NY-NJ-PAOceaniaOH-IN-IL-MI-WICanadaMiddle East

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalcell controlconveying/sortingmachine build/retrofitmachine design/control
roboticsfully automated work cellssimple fixturingsemi-automated machines

Product Experience
Beckhoff AutomationKeyenceMicrosoftMitsubishiSMC

Corporate Affiliations
MitsubishiDassault Systemes SolidWorks

Corporate Resume
Specializing in industrial automation engineering, Big Bear Automation provides fully functioning machinery or factory lines for custom handling and process applications. BBA provides project specifications and SolidWorks illustrations at no charge for all fixed-price quotations. They do full engineering packages, all fabrication, software, assembly and testing in house, followed by installation and buy-off at customer's facilities. BBA does not do prototypes, all equipment is factory ready. They specialize in extreme environmental factory conditions of high cleanliness, temperatures and gritty conditions, as well as sterile and no-human lights-out operations. BBA has an established and successful protocol for performing engineering and fabrication using existing building blocks to make projects that actually work to spec in actual factories, all over the World.