STRATUS Automation

Year Founded:1998
Annual Revenue:$5-10 million
Listing Last Updated:1/25/2012

Contact Information
Name:Ryo Narisawa - President
22613 68th Ave S
KentWA 98032 United States
Phone:253-872-7777 ext: 101

Industries Served
computers/info systemselectronicsmedical/health caresemiconductorhard disk manufacturing
LCD panel manufacturingphotovoltaic (solar) cell manufacturing

Areas Served
Central AmericaEuropean UnionKY-TN-AL-MSSouth AmericaCaribbean
NY-NJ-PAOceaniaOH-IN-IL-MI-WIEastern AfricaMiddle Africa
Northern AfricaSouthern AfricaWestern Africa

Engineering Specialties
laser technologymaterial handlingmotors/motion controlnetworking/commsemiconductor wafer processing & back end assembly
clean room automationlaser (micro machining) integrationGEM-SECS communication

Product Experience
KeyenceMitsubishiOmron ElectronicsSiemensYaskawa

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
Stratus is an automation system integrator as well as equipment designer/builder specializing in precision process tool and clean room automation that are typically demanded by high-technology industries. Since its foundation, STRATUS Automation has developed more advanced and sophisticated components and control modules all of which facilitates extremely fast and cost effective equipment or system integration. Areas of concentration are; Clean Room Logistics (Semiconductor manufacturing, Hard disk media) High volume medium cleanliness manufacturing (Photovoltaic Cells, Medical devices) Micro-Machining System Integration (Laser Based) Robotic Integration (16" 3 axis robot to 36ft gantry system) Ultra-precision (nanometer repeatability) stages and robots Photovoltaic (C-Silicon) Cell Processing The mission of STRATUS is to provide the world premier class automation and process tools at a fraction of the cost of major competitions. This pricing strategy will make automated material handling affordable to essentially all manufacturers within the aforementioned industries. This strategy has resulted in numerous satisfied repeat customers who has kept Stratus on growth track during the past decade.