Acme Manufacturing Company

Year Founded:1910
Annual Revenue:$10-25 million
Listing Last Updated:8/1/2012

Contact Information
Name:Joe Saad - Director of Sales
4240 North Atlantic Blvd
Auburn HillsMI 48326 United States
Phone:248-393-7300 ext: 208

Industries Served
aviation/airlinesbuilding materialsdiscrete manufacturingengineering/constructionmaterial handling
medical/health caremetalsoff-road construction equipmentbuilders hardwareheavy trucks

Areas Served
OceaniaSouth America

Engineering Specialties
computer softwaredesigns/specificationsmachine toolssimulation/modelingtool design
process designsoftware designsimulation designelectrical panel design

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyBanner EngineeringFANUC RoboticsATISchunk

Corporate Affiliations
FANUC Robotics

Professional Affiliations
AMTSMEYPOKnowledge Enterprises

Corporate Resume
Acme Manufacturing manufactures integrated finishing systems for buffing, polishing, grinding, super-finishing and deburring with over 100 years of experience. Acme manufacturers robotic finishing systems, coated abrasive belt centerless grinding and polishing systems, strip and coil grinding systems and high volume specialty finishing systems. The company offers process capabilities for metal, exotic metal, plastic and wood materials as well as semi-automatic to fully automatic turnkey solutions. Acme works with more than fifteen industries worldwide and does extensive international business. Acme is ISO 9001:2008 registered.