Year Founded:2014
Annual Revenue:Over $50 million
Listing Last Updated:8/17/2016

Contact Information
Name:Andy Dieball - Vice President of Sales and Marketing
591 W 66th Street
LovelandCO 80538 United States
Phone:970 669-0801
Fax:970 669-1299

Industries Served
marineoil/gaspulp/paperutilitieshydrocarbon processing

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalpumps/compressors/turbinegas turbine fuel control steam turbine controlcompressor control
hydro turbine control

Corporate Resume
EthosEnergy designs and installs control system upgrades on gas, steam, hydro turbine and reciprocating engine driven generators and mechanical drive packages. Control solutions include PLCs from a variety of manufacturers built for purpose electronic turbine controls, mechanical actuation systems, fuel metering valving, hydraulic pressure units, trip systems including field demolition and installation. EthosEnergy has in excess of 600 years retrofit experience on nearly every make and model of gas and steam turbine.