Year Founded:1985
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:5/20/2010

Contact Information
Name:Robert Kulawiec
887D Main Street
MonroeCT 06468 United States
Phone:(203) 261-6027
Fax:(203) 261-5061

Industries Served
automation/controlcommunicationscomputers/info systemsgovernment/defensemachinery
automotivebottling/canningconsumer productselectrical equipmentelectronics
engineering/constructionfood/beveragemail ordermanufacturing--generalmolding/extrusion
nuclear energypowerrailroadsrecreation/entertainmentutilities

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
VME systemscomputer hardwarecomputer softwaredata processing/mgmntembedded controls
instr/data acquisitionnetworking/commpersonal computersPLCssystems engineering
turnkey systemsautomation--generalbatch controlbuilding automationcell control
CNCcontrolled atmosphereDCSdiscrete controlfactory automation
information systemslaboratory automationprocess controlsupervisory control

Product Experience
Our own productsAcromagMicrosoftOraclePro-face

Corporate Resume
BWI offers a variety of control products off-the-shelf and/or in conjunction with BWI integration services. BWI was incorporated in 1985 to provide consulting and system integration services to the real-time community. In 1993 the company began to focus on developing a VMEbus board level product line which has grown today to be one of the broadest offerings in the industry. BWI continues to provide system integration services specializing in OS9 systems and is recognized world-wide as a leader in the design and development of such systems.