Wynright Corporation

Year Founded:1993
Annual Revenue:Over $50 million
Listing Last Updated:3/11/2018

Contact Information
Name:Alfredo Valadez - VP Business Devekopment
612 N. Great Southwest Parkway
ArlingtonTX 76011 United States
Phone:(817) 701-1781
Fax:(817) 701-1786

Industries Served
automotiveelectronicsmaterial handlingmedical/health careOEM
packagingsteelwarehousingautomation/controldurable goods
engineering/constructionmetal stamping/formingresearch/developmentapplianceselectro-mechanical assembly

Areas Served
Central AmericaSouth America

Engineering Specialties
automated assemblycomputer softwaredesigns/specificationselectrical engineeringmechanical engineering
process controlroboticstest/inspectionvision systemsanalytical engineering
palletizing / depalletizingrobotic truck loading / unloadingsoldering/electrical assemblymixed case depalletizing

Product Experience
Adept TechnologyAllen-BradleyAutodeskFANUC RoboticsOur own products
Rockwell AutomationRockwell SoftwareSick OpticsYaskawaAccu-Sort
HoffmanMicrosoftSMCB&R Industrial AutomationBaldor
BalluffBanner EngineeringBeldenFestoKeyence
Schneider ElectricBeckhoff AutomationCognexDENSO RoboticsHirschmann
Intelligent InstrumentPepperl + FuchsPhoenix ContactPilz

Corporate Affiliations
Fanuc RoboticsRockwell AutomationYaskawa RoboticsAdept Technology

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
Wynright Robotics offers cutting-edge advances in robot and vision technology to provide substantial benefits in material handling and productivity. One such innovation is designed for the shipping and receiving area and is unique, award winning, and patented. Our revolutionary robotic truck loading system is capable of autonomously fluid loading and unloading product, in and out of trailers, both safely and economically. Wynright manufactures a complete line of high-performance robotic and non-robotic automated palletizing solutions. We can also work with you to provide carefully thought out designs for custom solutions to automate the arrangement of cases onto a pallet, slave board or slip sheet. We have made cutting-edge advances in robot technology to provide substantial benefits in higher rate handling applications such as case packing. No longer bound by inflexible, special purpose machines, automated case packing speed can now see dramatic increases. Wynright manufactures an automated robotic storage and retrieval system capable of picking product from fixed shelving and placing it into a storage location. Robotic technology helps create a lower-cost storage and retrieval system. Wynright robotics has developed many automation systems for a variety of applications in a number of industries. Our extensive experience has enabled us to continuously develop new applications. Applications Wynright Robotics has developed include. Palletizing / Depalletizing. Linear Palletizing / Depalletizing. Mixed Case Depalletizing. Truck / Container loading and unloading. Robotic Case packing. Robotic Storage and Retrieval systems. Robotic Control Systems. Robotic System Peripheral Equipment. Wynright Robotics provides all aspects of the project implementation including initial concepts, design, fabrication, programming, testing, installation, and training. If required, we can develop a complete start-up package including modifications to your existing facility, and training programs for operators, maintenance personnel, and management. Statistical data collection for use in controlling manufacturing processes and managing operations is also available.