ALM Systems and Controls, Inc.

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Listing Last Updated:7/20/2016

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840 Lincoln Avenue
BohemiaNY 11716 United States

Industries Served
recreation/entertainmentwater/wastewatermunicipal pools

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Engineering Specialties
C/C++control panelselectrical engineeringfield serviceHMI
motors/motion controlpersonal computersPLCsproduct tracking/identSCADA
vision systemsVisual BasicSCADA System Design and Managmentflexographic printingPC board desing and assembly

Product Experience

Corporate Affiliations
Allen-BradleyAutomationDirectRockwell Automation

Professional Affiliations
IEEEISAMCAAAutomation AssociationDMW Association

Corporate Resume
ALM Systems and Controls is the Long Island and Metro New York Authorized Systems Integrator for Automation Direct, as well as Microscan. We provide solutions for applications involving Smart Cameras, Bar-code scanners and vision systems. The Electrical Engineers at ALM Systems and Controls have over twenty years experience in Automation and Control, Programming and Systems Integration and Printed Circuit Board Design and Assembly. We have many customers that do not have engineers onsite and may need some assistance getting something to work or help with an upgrade, redesign, etc. Often we service manufacturers that have existing equipment that is not working properly or they would just like to get it working at a faster speed. We are known in this area for our superb Field Service and Machine Repairs. We also automate the end customers machines to improve quality, reduce labor costs and increase production speed. ALM Systems has been serving the Long Island and Metro, New York area for over ten years. Our Engineering Design Group designs products and systems to meet our customer's needs/specifications. Our Electrical Engineers are readily available for Machine Service calls. We work on machines in many different industries, such as medical, pharmaceutical, industrial and others.