Atos - Barcelona

Year Founded:1983
Annual Revenue:Over $50 million
Listing Last Updated:7/23/2011

Contact Information
Name:Jordi Hernandez - Area Manager
Avda Diagonal 549, L'Illa
3rd Floor
Barcelona 08029 Spain
Phone:0034 934445200
Fax:0034 93 4445233

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Corporate Resume
Atos is truly global information technology consulting and services company. They provide the full spectrum of IT services for multinational companies and other large enterprises all over the world. Atos believes that more than ever before, it is the way people work together that creates successful ventures. With it's roots in manufacturing industry and a long track record of global clients like P&G, Philips, AKZO NOBEL, ICI etc., Atos has the necessary domain knowledge and the associated IT skills to offer state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions to its clients globally. Atos blends the domain knowledge with the latest IT tools and technology to provide seamless solutions from the board room to the shop floor. Their goal is to help customers address business issues using IT as an enabling tool. The company's range of services includes consultancy, implementation, and integration of solutions and the continuous and on-going operation of the same.