Process Automation Group

Year Founded:2004
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:7/20/2012

Contact Information
Name:Konstantin Grishin
Elektrozavodskaya, 24
Moscow 107023 Russia

Corporate Resume
Our company is a leader in the software market for automation systems. This success is due to the following reasons: Our experts are familiar with the up-to-date software tool kits, both for controller programming and for the development of upper level systems and human-machine interface. We are constantly upgrading the skills of our employees, in addition through instruction courses and seminars on different software products. Our experts master such programs as Step7, Plant iT dairy, BrewMaxx, WinCC, PCS7, BRAUMAT, InTouch, WinCCFlexible, Visual studio, SQL Server, MS Access, Simatic iT and others. Our company owns effective standard decisions for implementing various technological algorithms in food industry. We have developed a comprehensive processing base and special program module components for the production of dairy products, baby food, juice, low-alcohol drinks, fruit drinks, sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, beer, kvass, confectionery, stuffing and pharmaceuticals. Work in this sector is continuously under way. It provides for functionality improvement and application of most effective system solutions. Much attention is paid to engineering and design process standardization. Our company uses up-to-date methods for introduction and management of projects. Effective personnel policy is one of the key factors ensuring the success of our company. In this regard we carefully choose our candidates and engage only qualified specialists. Our company experts have certificates of world leading industrial hardware and software suppliers.

Industries Served
agriculturalbrewing/distillingpremix plantsdressing plants

Areas Served
EuropeEuropean Union

Engineering Specialties
electrical engineeringinstallation/start-upMESPLCs

Product Experience
FestoSchneider ElectricSiemensSMC

Corporate Affiliations