The AutoMate Co., LLC.

Year Founded:1997
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:8/1/2014

Contact Information
Name:Barrett Davis - Owner, Engineer
44 Fairlane West
PacificMO 63069-5014 United States

Corporate Resume
The AutoMate Co., LLC., is the midwest distributor of Opto22 control hardware and software as well has having a wide range of control systems integration experience. Corporate customers include Olin Corporation/Winchester Western Division, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Applied Food Biotechnology, multiple water and wastewater districts and municipalities throughout the Midwest, Cargill, Inc., Simmons Foods, Baker Refrigeration, State of Missouri Department of Corrections, and more. AutoMate has over 15 years experience in the implementation of Opto22 hardware and software. AutoMate will help clients with the implementation of their projects and can provide the full breadth of hardware to tightly integrate their control and monitoring needs. AutoMate specializes in detail-oriented control and monitoring projects that require additional analysis to implement at a reasonable cost.

Industries Served
aggregatesagriculturalcontrolled atmospherewaste treatment
water/wastewaterammonia refrigerationfood waste processingmunitions process control

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalcomputer softwareHMIinstr/data acquisition
networking/commprocess controlwirelesslicensed telemetry
WiFi communications & telemetry

Product Experience
ABBOpto 22KrohneDruck

Corporate Affiliations
Opto 22

Professional Affiliations