Olsson Associates

Year Founded:1983
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:10/2/2019

Contact Information
Name:Sales - Automation and Technology Team
1111 Lincoln Mall
LincolnNE 68508 United States

Industries Served

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Engineering Specialties
batch control

Corporate Resume
Olsson Associates is professional engineering service organization providing a unique combination of engineering analysis and design expertise and field testing and start-up services. Serving the industrial and institutional market, Olsson Associates has developed expertise in development, start-up, and validation and acceptance testing of complex building and process support systems. The company has 10 years experience in development of continuous and batch process control systems. Using both central and distributed controllers, they have designed systems to initiate batch operations, control numerous integrated analog loops, and monitor and report batch operations. Many of these systems are PLC-based controls using a variety of third party front end software packages for reporting and operator interface.