Cimetrix Global Service

Year Founded:1985
Annual Revenue:$5-10 million
Listing Last Updated:8/12/2011

Contact Information
Name:Dave Faulkner - EVP, Sales and Marketing
6979 S High Tech Drive
Salt Lake CityUT 84047 United States

Corporate Resume
Cimetrix designs, develops, markets, and supports factory automation and equipment control software for the global semiconductor, photovoltaic, light emitting diode, and other electronics industries. A leading participant in SEMI standards development, Cimetrix connectivity software allows for quick implementation of the SECS/GEM, PV2, GEM300, and Interface A standards. OEMs use Cimetrix when they need a GEM interface or C# .NET tool control. The Company’s products can be found on virtually every tool type in nearly every semiconductor 300mm factory worldwide. The added-value of Cimetrix’s passionate support and professional services creates the industry’s only complete software solution. Key products include CIMControlFramework™. CIMConnect™, CIM300™, and CIMPortal™. Cimetrix is an active member of Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), the International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI) as well as the PV Group. Cimetrix provides product training, application assistance, turnkey product solutions, and factory automation outsourcing to any original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the industries we serve. Cimetrix specializes in applications that include the SECS/GEM standards, 300mm factory automation, and equipment data acquisition (EDA, aka Interface A) standards. Cimetrix services include yield and manufacturing data management solutions that help semiconductor companies reduce costs and improve their processes. In addition, Cimetrix offers integration of our SECS/GEM and EDA (Interface A) technology with IDM's manufacturing execution systems (MES) and equipment engineering systems (EES).

Industries Served
flat panelphotovoltaicSMThigh-brightness LED

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
computer softwaremachine toolsmotors/motion controlproject management
supervisory controlvision systemssubstation automationelectrical engineering
roboticssemiconductorsequipment connectivityvision-guided motion control
advanced tool controlhost system developmentautomation project management

Product Experience
MicrosoftOur own productsOracle

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